Freenet6 : Account creation

Accounts are mandatory on Freenet6 Server in two cases:

Authenticated tunnel
Provide one single and permanent IPv6 address to a node
Users can always keep the same IPv6 address although their IPv4 address changes
Any IPv4 address change will be handled by the TSP protocol with a valid account

/48 IPv6 prefix delegation
Freenet6 has the capability to delegate a /48 prefix to any end-user for site addressing
Prefixes are delegated from Freenet6 address space (3ffe:bc0::/32)
An end-user must have at least one computer acting as an IPv4/IPv6 router for its site
Any change to the IPv4 address (border router) is handled by the TSP protocol with a valid account
Userid/Password policy

Userid: End-user will have to select a userid. The userid will be used for the DNS AAAA record
Characters accepted for userid are : any alphanumeric characters and
Userid size : minimum 8 characters and maximum 63
E-mail address: 63 characters is the max size with the valid e-mail format using the character
Password: Freenet6 will generate a random password for each userid requested and will send it to the e-mail address specified
Note: E-mail addresses will NEVER be used for spamming activity