New Freenet6 client release 1.0

You can now download the new Freenet6 client version 1.0 in download section. Includes many templates fixes. Binary packages for Windows, Linux, Freebsd and Netbsd are available to download.

Scheduled maintenance on Freenet6 - Monday August 25th AM EST

On Monday August 25th, we will do maintenance on It should cause some limited instability on this server for a few hours.

New Freenet6 client release 0.9.9

You can now download the new Freenet6 client version 0.9.9 in download section. Many fixes and support for Windows XP and 2003 are included in this new release. Binary packages for Windows and Linux are available to download.

Scheduled maintenance on Freenet6 - AM EST

we will be updating the server code on It should cause some limited instability in the service for a few hours.

Some known problems you could have when connecting to the updated tsps1 :
1. Users using the "retry" option with clients prior to 0.9.9 could have the following result if the server does not support the requested authentication mechanism :
# ./tspc -vvvf tspc.conf
tspc - Tunnel Server Protocol Client

Loading configuration file

Connecting to server

No common authentication mechanism found!

Retry to connect to server in 1 seconds...

Error in protocol sequence, CAPABILITY not sent

Retry to connect to server in 1 seconds...

Error in protocol sequence, CAPABILITY not sent

Retry to connect to server in 1 seconds...

Error in protocol sequence, CAPABILITY not sent

Retry to connect to server in 1 seconds...

This is caused by the old client not closing the tsp connection before a retry and the new server code refusing more than one connection from the same IP address.

2. anonymous users can not connect to They must use

3. No new prefix will be allocated from

4. Existing tsps1 users requesting a new prefix allocation from tsps1 will have their tunnel deleted with no automatic way of recovering it. Please contact to have that situation resolved.

5. Existing tsps2 users requesting a new /48 allocation from tsps2 will have one assigned to them but their tunnel endpoint will be changed.

Please report any problem to Your bug reports help us keep Freenet6 as reliable as possible.

tsps2 is back online is now again up and running.

Technical problems on tsps2

Due to technical issues, is temporarily down. We are working at bringing it back up as fast as possible.

Status Update:

A few notes to keep you up to date on the evolution of the Freenet6 service.

As announced previously, a new freenet6 server (tsps2) is now officially the preferred server. That means that all new users will be created on tsps2 and that all anonymous users must now connect to tsps2. Each Freenet6 server has his own database of users so that to migrate from tsps1 to tsps2, one has to create a new account on tsps2. Also, to facilitate routing, prefixes are not portable from one tsp server to the other... both tsp servers allocate address space from a different address block.

The new tsp server offers more bandwidth and more scalability but there were some problems in the past days and there will probably be some others but with your help and feedback, we will resolve these issues quickly. So, it is very important that your report any problem you experience to along with your tspc.conf file and any particularities of your configuration.

Known problems :
-tsps2 does not delegate ::/64 prefixes. If you request a ::/64 you will get a 301 error. Check your config and request a ::/48 instead.
-A 310 error received from tsps2 when setting an anonymous tunnel might mean that you are using the same IPv4 address as an existing authenticated tunnel. This is not allowed to protect authenticated users from losing their tunnel to an anonymous user.
-tsps1 can not create any new tunnels. It will only refresh or reactivate existing tunnels. If any change were made to your configuration or because of internal problems, your tunnel might have been lost. In that case, future connection attempts will return a 301 error. You should report these immediately so that we can reload your data.

Important note:

Users of the old freenet6 server ( should make sure they do not change their configuration. For example, if you have an tunnel without prefix, do not request a prefix or if you had a prefix, make sure it stays in your configuration. Any change of that kind to the tspc configuration will delete the tunnel. To make changes, create an account on the new freenet6 server

The beta phase of the new Freenet6 Server is now completed! Thanks to everyone that helped us by trying it and reporting bugs.

"" is now the new official Freenet6 Server. All new user account registrations are now done on this server. All anonymous requests must now be done on this server. A new version (0.9.8) of the Freenet6 client is available to download that reflects this change. Clients using versions prior to 0.9.8 must change the server to "" in the tspc.conf file.

Users registred on "" (original Freenet6 server) can keep using this server (to conserve their address and prefix allocations), but no new account will be accepted. All users are encouraged to register a new user account and get a new allocation on "".

The new Freenet6 Beta Server is online! Be sure to visit the new Beta Server web page including the informations on how to try the new server and contribute to Freenet6 community.

The RPM packages of tspc client version 0.9.7 are now available in download section (thanks to Mitja Pufic).

New tspc client version 0.9.7 released! Including support for Darwin MacOS X, a new "retry" feature and many bug corrections. Get this version from the download section.

New tspc client binary version for Windows 2000/NT/XP. Now with reverse DNS. Get the binary version 0.9.6 from the download section.

Article in the LinuxJournal about Freenet6. Thanks to Peter Todd for this contribution. The article can be reached here.

New tspc client source code has been released. Minor fixes are included in the code. Get the version 0.9.6 from the download section.

Article about Freenet6 in the O'Reilly Network Web site. See the article here.

Linux RPM packages for the Freenet6 clients are now available. Special thanks to Mitja Pufic for this contribution. Go to the download section to get them.

Freenet6 server had been upgraded to provide better performance and capabilities to users.

The Reverse DNS feature is now available. Every prefix owner who owns a dns server can now get a reverse DNS delagation by using the new TSP client.

Details at

Freenet6's client has been added in the Linux Debian package distribution. Package is reachable at Debian package distribution

New client release : freenet6-0.9.3.tgz include bug fixes (SetEnv problems with Linux, netbsd template fixes).

Freenet6 announces a new initiative : Free t-shirts are available for contributors who help the improvement of the clients code and/or propose new clients for Freenet6.

October 5th 2001, Registration problem using spam protection is now over, new users can continue to register to Freenet6. Account and e-mail address are mandatory to request permanent IPv6 addresses or /48 prefixes.

October 1st 2001, Templates for configuring Cisco routers using Freenet6 are available. Templates can be launched from Microsoft or Unix environments. Thanks to Chris Crowter for this contribution. Go to the download section to get Cisco templates.