How to request a /48 IPv6 prefix ?

One /48 IPv6 prefix allows a site to deploy up to 65 535 subnets (/64 IPv6 prefix). Each subnet could handle 2^64 nodes (18 446 744 073 709 551 616 IPv6 addresses), therefore, the number of unicast IPv6 addresses you could use with only one /48 prefix is incredible : 65 535 subnets * 18 446 744 073 709 551 616 !!!

What is a site ? There are a lot of discussions at IETF about what should be a site but on the current implementation we consider that a site can be in a range from a very very large network with thousand nodes to a home network with only 2 nodes !!

1. Download and install the tsp client
Go to the download page
Select one operating system distribution
Install it on your computer (see the requirements first)
2. Create your account
Go to the Web form and create your account
Enter a userid (e.g incredibleipv6)
Enter your e-mail address (e.g
Freenet6 will randomly generate a password, then it will send it to your e-mail address.
3. Add userid and password
Add your userid to tspc.conf (e.g userid=abcxxx123)
Add your password to tspc.conf (e.g passwd=F83%?fs21)
4. Add special paramaters to request /48 prefix
Add host_type=router in tspc.conf
Add prefixlen=48 in tspc.conf
Add if_prefix=YOUR_NETWORK_INTERFACE in tspc.conf
The field YOUR_NETWORK_INTERFACE will be used to configure properly your computer to act as IPv6 router. IPv6 forwarding will be enabled between this interface and the configured tunnel(IPv6 over IPv4). IPv6 router advertisements will be activated on this interface to allow hosts connected there to autoconfigure by themselve their IPv6 addresses. However, the network interface name is not the same for every operating systems. Please look on your system to find the right name to use as field.

Unix eth0,eth1,fxp0,ep0,ed0,le0,lnc0,...
Windows 2000/NT 3,4,5,...Read Microsoft MSRIPv6 document
Cisco tunnelxx, ethernet0/1, fast-ethernet0/1